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Course Title Author Last offered Course Format Course Level Key Words Download
Urbanization Euan Hague, DePaul University Winter 2017 Lecture Undergraduate-intro Planning, race, gentrification, urban renewal, urban history .DOCX
Urban ecosystems and sustainability: A social-ecological perspective Seema Mundoli and Dr. Harini Nagendra, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, India Spring 2018 Lecture Undergraduate-intro urbanization, ecosystems, social-ecological systems, social justice, India .DOCX
Material and Ideal Cities: An Introduction to Urban Geography Aman Luthra, Kalamazoo College Fall 2017 Seminar Undergraduate-advanced critical urban theory; urban political economy; urban planning; gentrification; urban sprawl .DOCX
Urban Environmental Change and Social Justice Ryan Holifield, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Spring 2017 Lecture/Discussion Undergraduate-advanced environmental justice, environmental racism, environmental equity .PDF
Urban Geography Michael Longan, Valparaiso University Fall 2017
Undergraduate-advanced Chicago, Illinois; Gary, Indiana; civil rights; community; neighborhoods .DOCX
Urban Geography Yeong Kim, Ohio University Spring 2017 Lecture Undergraduate-advanced urban poverty, spatial inequality, global cities, global urban south, deindustrialization .DOCX
Urban Geography: Housing and Home Sig Langegger, Akita International University, Japan Spring 2017 Lecture/Seminar Undergraduate-advanced US housing policy, Home, Race, Poverty, Social Justice .PDF
GIS for Urban Environments Jonnell Robinson, Syracuse University Spring 2017 unknown Undergraduate-advanced .PDF
Global Cities, Justice, and the Environment Malini Ranganathan, American University Spring 2017 Lecture/Discussion Undergraduate-advanced Postcolonial urbanism, environmental justice, critical race theory, infrastructure, informality .PDF
Principles in Urban Geography Sara Beth Keough, Saginaw Valley State University Fall 2017 Lecture/Seminar Undergraduate-advanced social geography, social justice, urban development, US cities .PDF
Introduction to Urban Geography Chad Steacy, University of Georgia Spring 2016 Lecture Undergraduate-advanced urbanization, culture, planning, race, decline .DOCX
Introduction to Urban Geography – Online Chad Steacy, University of Georgia Summer 2017 Online Undergraduate-advanced urbanization, sprawl, political-economy, race .DOCX
Social Justice in Planning and Public Policy Robert Lake, Rutgers University Spring 2017 Seminar Graduate Planning, Public Policy, Social Justice .PDF
Planning, Public Policy, and Social Theory Robert Lake, Rutgers University Fall 2017 Seminar Graduate Planning, Public Policy, Social Theory .PDF
City, Environment, Nature Ryan Holifield, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Fall 2017 Seminar Graduate urban ecology, urban environmental history, urban political ecology, urban theory, urban nature .PDF